Believe the probability of 1 plus 1 is greater than 2


Believe the probability of 1 plus 1 is greater than 2

Club Experience

University is the beginning of independence and the process of our transformation into adults. The first lesson is to learn how to choose and learn to be responsible for our own choices.

In addition to academic study, extracurricular activities are an integral part. Ability, experience and contacts can be accumulated in activities. Therefore, the most important choice I made in college was to devote myself to group activities. From the Department of Land Management men's tug-of-war team, dormitory cadres to the current student union, I can gain something in each group.

One rope gathers hearts.

Tug-of-war is an important culture of Feng Chia University. Even if the grand event no longer exists, the emotion of the past has been imprinted in my heart. Tug-of-war is a sport without individual heroism. Only when the whole team is on the rope and under the rope is one heart, and all members step on the same pace, can they win together. At that time, what made me choose to join the tug-of-war team without hesitation was the simple sentence of the senior: "Tug-of-war is the only sport that can be won by retreating."


Department of Land Management male Tug-of-war team photo.

Indispensable soft power - the ability of the organization to function.

During the two years as a dormitory cadre, what I have learned the most is definitely "organizational operation". The student dormitory volunteer team has a complete organizational structure, a systematic operation process, and an excellent event planning team. What I learned here is the struggle for "collective rights."Apart from the school, the dormitory is the most frequent place for boarding students, and it is also the most exciting part of university life. The role of the dormitory cadre is a two-way communication bridge between the teachers and the boarding students, so that the boarding students can have a better life in the dormitory. The quality of life, jointly formulate life conventions, hold regular activities, and solve intractable diseases for boarding students. Through the experience of organizing arts and cultural activities, cadre training, handover and commendation conferences and other activities in the dormitory, I ignited my interest in public participation and stepped into student self-government.


Served as a dormitory cadre for the 108 academic year.

Only by learning to face setbacks, we can understand the value of gains.

In the past, I really wanted to give up the road of student self-government. After facing myself again and realizing my self-worth, I am very grateful to the teachers and classmates who chose to believe in me along the way and encouraged me to continue to work hard. Frustration always brings more growth than success. Only by learning to face setbacks can we understand that growth in failure is invaluable. Don't give up your choice easily.


Speech at the 2021 Freshman Growth Camp (upper left) Group photo of members of the Student Union (lower left, right).

By|Department of Land Management LAI,TING-LUN

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