"Freedom" is the best adjective for college life.


"Freedom" is the best adjective for college life.

Club Experience

University is no longer like high school’s well-scheduled lessons, and there are no piles of exams and test papers; during these four years, explore and try any courses and clubs you are interested in, freely allocate your time, and fully study majors. Explore what you want, every college experience is unique.


"Exploring "Towards the Light", Yearning for Freedom - International Experience in Taiwan" project sharing lecture.

Dare to try and challenge

Inspired by my Chinese teacher, I signed up for the In-School Debate Freshman Cup. Even though I had never participated in a debate competition before, I still moved forward bravely with the idea of giving it a try. Trying doesn't guarantee success, but if you don't want to try, you don't even have a chance of success.
Debating competitions require the preparation of a large amount of materials and the practice of mouthpieces; back and forth with opponents and brainstorming are the processes I enjoy the most in the whole debate competition.The most important thing in the debate is the spirit of "critical thinking". "Careful thinking" is to carefully use logic and critical thinking methods, try to think and infer rationally and objectively, and be free from the influence of prejudice and emotion as much as possible; right or wrong. The spirit of "critical thinking" has also deeply influenced my dealings with people and affairs in the future.


The 2nd freshman cup debate won the championship.


Won the runner-up in the 3rd Freshman Cup Debate Competition.

Student self-government taught me few things.

The student union is composed of three major organizations, namely the administrative center, the student council, and the review committee. The spirit of student self-government that I have learned during the three years in the student union is that "students are the main body of the campus, and matters related to students should be determined by the students and the school." To jointly formulate and standardize”, precisely because autonomous organizations have more powers and obligations than ordinary associations, they need more rigorous regulations and systems to regulate. As a member of the student union, I am honored to have the opportunity to participate in various seminars organized by the "Youth Development Agency of the Ministry of Education"; "Let's, Talk Issue Exchange Conference" allowed me to learn what is meant by "deliberative democracy" and how to practice "campus democracy" . I believe that the team spirit and practical skills learned in the student union will be of great help in the future.

Participating in the student association gave me the opportunity to get in touch with the "Student Organization Leaders Training Camp". The teachers in the leadership camp taught us that to be a leader requires the ability to communicate in a team, organize and coordinate, respond to crises, and take responsibility. However, these abilities often require considerable effort. It takes a lot of time to get familiar with. Leaders who have served as the general caller of activities, camp team assistants and other leaders in the student union for these years understand that leadership is never an easy job, and it needs to be tempered to grow.


Participate in student union activities.

Grasp the rare college life and leave no regrets!

University is a very suitable environment for understanding, exploring and challenging yourself. Many people may feel confused and don't know what they want, but isn't university a stage of bravely trying various things? Don't be afraid of failure, try boldly I never regret every decision I made in college. If I didn’t have the courage to take every step, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I hope you can create college memories that don’t make you regret it.

By|Department of Water Resources Engineering and Conservation FANG,YU-CHENG

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