My interests achieve my expertise.


My interests achieve my expertise.

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I am Timmy Wu Zhentian, from Hong Kong. I have lived in Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan. I am currently studying the first year of the master's program in the Department of Urban Planning and Spatial Information. My past work experience made me feel the importance of land planning and spatial information application, so I hope to dabble in related fields when choosing further studies, and constantly search for suitable learning channels, and finally found Feng Chia University Urban Planning and Spatial Informatics Tie. I enrolled in the Department of Urban Planning and Spatial Information at Feng Chia University in 2017, and joined Feng Chia University in September of the same year.

During my four years of university study, I have learned a variety of professional and cross-disciplinary skills. In addition to basic urban land planning and geographic information system applications, I also have 3D model construction, practical application of aerial cameras, and programming languages. At the same time, actively integrate into the life of Taiwan, give back to the school and the society, participate in the school's admissions service team, foreign language center work-study, etc., and organize self-study courses on spatial information applications every year to guide younger students to learn the latest knowledge and strengthen their practical ability.

No classes but learning during holidays.

Looking back on my four years of college life, the first semester of my freshman year was an adaptation period. I took professional courses in urban planning and gradually gained a deeper understanding of the department. Visit the bitterness and joys and sorrows of coffee farmers.


Activity photos of self-study courses

After returning from Japan, several classmates and I joined the PBL course development jointly opened by the Department of Capital and Engineering. Each of us has expertise in different fields (3D models, programming and spatial information) to combine virtual reality and Internet of Things technology. As the goal, create an interactive experience with the theme of "School Tour", and published the results in the 108th Technology and Creativity Symposium, and won the first place.


Inspired by the Japanese relocation teaching of the Metropolitan Capital Department and the activities of the Zhongding Education Foundation, participated in the PBL course on campus, won the 108th Technology and Creativity Symposium, and won the first place in the published results.

Production of course materials, won the teacher's affirmation.

In the same year, researches were carried out in the fields of coordinate correction, suitability analysis, drawing urban planning maps, making 3D city models and animations. Successfully improved the traditional operation process of relevant software and made it into a teaching material. With the encouragement of the teacher, I led the students to complete the project together.

From ignorance to proficiency in application, and then developing convenient advanced skills, researching and conquering new knowledge points, I have a great sense of accomplishment; I completed the course for one academic year with all the students and was affirmed by the teacher at the end , is a great encouragement.


Final Internship Presentation of sophomore

Apply what you have learned. The award-winning.

In addition to basic course work, I also actively participate in different seminars and competitions every year. Learn about popular research directions in the academic field, issues of concern to the industry, and the latest technological developments from the seminars; use what you have learned through participating in various competitions, and during the four years of study at Feng Chia University, you have successively won the "Fifth National Colleges and Universities and Colleges and Universities" High School Vocational StoryMap Campus Competition - Third Place in the College Group", "China Spatial Information Society 109 Years Student Practice Competition - Excellence Award", "The 6th National College and High School StoryMap Campus Competition - Fifth Place in the College Group" , "2020 Land Surveying and Mapping Data GIS Thematic Application Competition-Excellent Work" and other awards. The themes of the competition range from the initial "Taichung City Central District City Guide Story" and "Analysis of the Suitability of Qingyin Co-living Site Selection" to the advanced "Environmental Changes Caused by Yunlin High Speed Rail Station" and "Rationality Assessment of Taichung MRT". Under the guidance of the teacher, you will get excellent results in the competition and learn and use them flexibly.

In the summer vacation of the same year, I joined Changfeng Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. as an intern, assisting in the overall review of urban planning and land planning and rural planning. After actually experiencing working life and having practical experience, I understand the part that I still need to study more intensively, and make full use of the last year of senior year to make up for the professional fields that I am not good at, and continue to accumulate knowledge and technology.

I am from Hong Kong. Although I am not familiar with the place of life, I am fortunate to have the care of teachers, schoolmates and senior sisters. During the four years of university life, I have traveled all over Taiwan, crossed mountains and seas, and participated in various The activities and competitions of the students have written colorful and wonderful university poems. Studying at Feng Chia University allowed me to turn my interest into a major.

I believe that you can also find opportunities that share your interests here, and make use of Feng Chia University's rich industry-academic resources to create a new world for your university career.

By|Department of Urban Planning and Spatial Information WU,ZHEN-TIAN

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