COVID-19 Changed the World, but My Determination Won't Change


COVID-19 Changed the World, but My Determination Won't Change

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Be ready to take any challenge


STOA Architects crew

Being an intern at STOA Architects in the U.S was the end of my study at Feng Chia University, but an opening of another learning journey. Check out my intern video on the link above. The story starts from my experience in Texas.

Despite COVID-19 stopping the Golab from physical connection, there are still chances if you leaped at it. I applied for a summer program to be an intern at an Architect. I experienced that the US is really a cultural melting pot. STOA Architect's college came from all over the world! Being an intern could not only train my skills, even get to know cultural differences. A short time of overseas internship had wide my imagination of the future.


Ping Deng elementary school project

Before I went to America, I had some experience at Feng Chia University. First, joined the Ping Deng elementary school project. Step out of the comfort zone, and face the real needs in society. Ping Deng elementary is located in Heping Dist, which is far from the downtown of Taichung City. We were asked to apply to get into the school. Although the school has named 'Ping Deng', which means equal in Chinese. Because of the difficulty of transportation and lack of educational resources, students at Ping Deng elementary had an unequal education. Our team paid a visit once each month.

Except for schoolwork, the most important thing is to pay attention to current affairs. I cooperated with students from other majors and schools, took part in the 2021 young fly action project held by the ministry of education. We promoted green energy with help from teachers at Feng Chia University, such as the Institute of Green Products, associate professor Chen -Yeon Chu. We interviewed several international organizations.


Captin of young fly action project

Don't be afraid of being different

Rollback to 2019, why would I choose to live such plentiful college life? When finishing my Sophomore year at the School of Architecture, I decided to transform to the Department of Urban Planning and Spatial Information. I was full of anxiety, afraid that I would regret it, even not used to the new department, and the most important is to delay graduation. However, don't be afraid of being different. Be brave, respond to every decision you've made, hold tight on every chance, live your own unique and wonderful life! I spent a whole year struggling in the courses, finally finished every project with my classmate's support.


Junior year, I took the cross-field graduation project jointly developed by Teachers from the Department of Urban Planning and Spatial Information and Information Engineering and Computer Science. The course gives a lot of flexibility. I hope to put what I have learned into my hometown. After a discussion with the professors, I decided to take images from the farm at my home, then add the photo we had taken to explain the types of crops. With the geographic positioning system to actually operate the unmanned aerial camera. I end up going to apply for the UAV license, what an unexpected combination.


unmanned aerial screen

What are the resources that you could use at school?  

In the days of information explosion, how to find a resource at the university? Feng Chia University provides plentiful opportunities, not only international exchanges but also diverse leisure and entertainment. Kinds of "micro-courses", when there is none suitable course you would like to take, apply one "self-learning courses" will be a great choice. There are many activities at Feng Chia University waiting for you to discover, learning while having fun, having fun while studying. Strives to discover interests and find activities or resources that suit you. Enjoy your study and have fun, don't leave life at Feng Chia University empty!

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