As long as you want to accomplish it, there is nothing you can't do!


As long as you want to accomplish it, there is nothing you can't do!

Global Mobility

The full name of the FengChia Water Conservancy Department of Water Resources Engineering and Conservation", which includes water conservancy engineering and soil and water conservation.

In the freshman and sophomore years, teachers train students through the courses to collect information, organize them into books, analyze data and other practical skills; in the third year, they can choose water conservancy or soil and water conservation courses according to their interests; in the senior year, there will be graduation special studies to accumulate Three years of academic and practical abilities can help with the writing of graduation thesis, and relevant abilities will be needed after entering the industry in the future.

Every summer, the department will provide corporate internship opportunities. Seniors or graduate students also have the opportunity to participate in ex-situ teaching in Japan, China, and other places, to understand the different water cultures of different countries and broaden their horizons.

An association directly under the Department of Water Conservancy-Care for Water Resources

Love Water Resources Club organizes activities such as river cleaning and summer growth camp every year. I used to be a team assistant. During the secret training, I had to prepare dance and drama performances. At first, I was afraid of acting and didn’t dare to let go of my burdens. The slow guidance allowed me to let go of my baggage and try a different experience.

The students responded enthusiastically when they went to the camp, and instantly felt that all the hard work in the process was worthwhile.

Selected to participate in the "Water Conservancy Youth Camp" teamwork theme of the Water Resources Department and won the second place

The water conservancy youth camp organized by the Water Resources Department lasts for six days and five nights. There is no restriction on any academic background, as long as students from colleges and universities can sign up to participate.

The "Water Conservancy Youth Camp" emphasizes creativity. Each group chooses a theme for thinking, and publishes the results on the last day of the camp, and is reviewed by professionals. The camp activities for six days and five nights are organized during the day with speeches, implementations, and On-site visits, and group discussions in the evening. I originally thought it would be impossible to get from 0 to completing the topics that my team thought up in less than a week, but in the end, we finished it! And won second place.

Selected to participate in the "Water Conservancy Youth Camp" by the Water Resources Department

Use the Foreign Language Corner to practice speaking skills

Feng Chia University offers many language courses, such as Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and other languages, and I am currently studying Japanese, French, and Malay. The Foreign Language Teaching Center will set up a Foreign Language Corner every semester to allow students to practice their speaking skills. In addition to applying what they have learned, they can also make friends with foreign students!

Foreign Language Corner (Foreign Language Corner), don't let the courses be confined to the text of the textbook!

If the Japanese are not good enough, you can participate in the exchange. Grasp the opportunity, and the opportunity will belong to you!

There are many international exchange activities in Feng Chia, such as exchange students, study tours, etc. Not only the exchange plan from Taiwan to foreign countries, but sometimes foreign guests come to visit Feng Chia University. The teacher in charge will be open according to the situation. The students are invited to participate in the reception, but due to the epidemic situation, such exchange activities have been suspended.

How to sign up to participate in the reception? The teacher will use the Japanese class or the language learning corner to ask the participating students. Don’t worry about the Japanese language is not good enough to communicate. The teacher will help you. You don’t need to be fluent in Japanese. You only need the courage to go out, seize the opportunity and opportunity. It will belong to you!

Assisting in the reception of teachers and students of Okinawa Academy of Fine Arts in Japan

For the exchange of students, the school will provide several exchange places for sister schools every semester. The exchange time is one semester or one academic year. I currently only pass the N3 level of the JLPT certification. There are a total of 5 levels in the JLPT certification. N3 is considered an intermediate level. I didn't say that it was very good or very powerful, but I still wanted to apply to see the exchange student program, so I applied to Yamaguchi University in Japan last year, but I didn't expect that I finally passed the application!

Sometimes you may think that you are not good enough and you must not be able to do it, but how can you know the result if you haven't tried it?

There is only one living in your life, take it well, and do it bravely!

By|Department of Water Resources Engineering and Conservation HONG,JIA-LIN

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