Give yourself some challenges at the right time and face it bravely, and you will know your ability!


Give yourself some challenges at the right time and face it bravely, and you will know your ability!

Global Mobility

There are abundant international mobile channels, and I bravely challenge myself-abundant international mobile opportunities are the main reasons why I choose Feng Chia University.


International Experience Program of General Education Center-Get air ticket subsidy to travel to Europe.

Participated in the Asia Pacific Youth Sustainable Development Training Program (APYE, Asia Pacific Youth Exchange) in South Korea

Cultural Night, representatives from various countries put on their own traditional costumes for performances and cultural exchanges. As the end of an APYE event, the scene is quite interesting and lively.

The proposal was recognized by the local government and won the best proposal award.

At Feng Chia University, where opportunities are diverse, shouldn't you try to break through yourself?

I often think that if going to university is only for a diploma, and spending a lot of money and precious youth, it is really not worth it!

Feng Chia has quite a variety of cross-domain courses, extracurricular activities or various competitions, such as lectures, workshops, micro-credits, special courses, English briefing competitions, freshmen cups of various departments and teams, intramural sports games, etc., waiting for students to go Strive for

In the past four years, I have found enthusiasm in professional courses, expanded contacts in extracurricular activities, gained courage in international movement, and worked hard to shine at every moment of breaking through the comfort zone. I must work hard to seize every opportunity for transformation and reserve energy to face the challenge.

Actively participate in the courses of the d. School.

Participate in the English briefing contest organized by the Foreign Language Teaching Center.

By|Department of Urban Planning and Spatial Information HUANG,YU-TING

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