Four years of university said that long is not long, and short is not short. What you can take away is all up to you.


Four years of university said that long is not long, and short is not short. What you can take away is all up to you.

Club Experience

Doing what I like and also making a group of good friends

In addition to many interesting clubs at Feng Chia University, diversified activities are often held on campus. I am passionate about interpersonal communication. In addition to participating in the orientation camps and food intersections in the department, I have also participated in many different club activities. There are so many wonderful memories of my university life.

During college, I participated in many societies.


Feng Chia University is rich in resources, it depends on how you use it.

In addition to club activities, I also participate in many courses offered by schools. For example, every semester will hold a TOEIC dark horse sprint class, which not only allows students to take mock exams first, but also invites professional English teachers to provide problem-solving skills. It is very worthwhile The course you took.

In addition, the Foreign Language Teaching Center organizes language learning corner activities every semester to expose students to different languages; in addition to English, it also offers many different language learning courses. The Indonesian language I have studied (1) and (2) is currently studying Thai, is it cool?

Fuxing Dormitory Orange Festival Competition

Part-time work and travel are all indispensable experiences for universities

So far, I have worked seven times. In addition to off-campus work, I am also currently working as a student in the Disaster Prevention Research Office of the Construction Center of Feng Chia University.

In addition, I like sports very much. I participate in road running activities every year. I also participate in the Sun Moon Lake Swimming Ferry this year. In my spare time, I like to travel very much. I like to plan my own self-guided trip.

Grasp the opportunity, the opportunity belongs to you! If you want to live a different college life, you must explore and seize the opportunity yourself! Although participating in activities is often so busy that there is no free time, I have also gained a lot of rich experience from it.


By|Department of Water Resources Engineering and Conservation YU,PEI-YA

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