How dare I stop when everyone around me is trying to improve!


How dare I stop when everyone around me is trying to improve!

Club Experience

Create an environment for yourself, encountering strong, you will be strong.

The teaching assistant forwarded the registration link of the "SITE International Economic and Trade Seminar Camp" in the class group, which aroused my interest. After in-depth understanding, I found that this is a great opportunity to learn from the elites of other schools. The training camps are taught by experts from various fields including industry, government, and academia. I have benefited a lot from the analysis of the international situation or the sharing of entrepreneurship in the course.Every morning, we will ask and answer the topics of "Model Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference (Model APEC)" with the trainees, so as to train our resilience and allow everyone to perform at their best in a state of healthy competition. Fortunately, the group won the first place. That was the first time I felt the importance of the environment to people. When the people around me are working hard to improve, how dare I stop!


In the SITE international economic and trade affairs training camp, the report simulated the agenda of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting.


Photos of the SITE International Economic and Trade Affairs Seminar.

Language is the most direct way to develop a new world.

I started to learn Spanish during the winter vacation of my freshman year. When I returned to school, I found that the Foreign Language Teaching Center had set up a "Spanish language talent training class". The teacher who taught the class, Wu Pei-Juan, helped me lay the foundation of grammar through easy-to-understand teaching, and taught us through brainwashing nursery rhymes. Remember words. The question-and-answer interaction in class allows students to apply what they have learned immediately. Spanish is a very enthusiastic language, and I have become more optimistic during the practice process. Speaking in different languages is like having an extra friend who cheers me up. Whenever I encounter difficulties, I will say to myself in Spanish: "It doesn't matter."


Group photo with teacher Wu Pei-Juan (right) of the Spanish talent training class.

Be an idealist before making dreams come true.

In my junior year, I saw TEDxFCU's recruitment advertisement, among which the "design team" deeply attracted me. In fact, there was no professional portfolio at that time, and only a few photos and hand-painted illustrations were handed in during the selection process, and I was lucky enough to be selected. Perhaps it was because I showed enthusiasm and imagination for the future of the team during the interview that I was lucky enough to join this big team. In the following year, I was thinking about the excitement of the whole body during the interview, and with the stubborn mentality of wanting to break through myself, we successfully completed the annual meeting and various activities. Joining the TED team has learned many life lessons, such as identifying the priorities of events within a limited time, being able to slow down when encountering bottlenecks, solving problems calmly, trying to widen the perspective to see the whole picture of things, and dissecting the original intention of the heart. Most problems can be solved by looking back at the sticking points.


2022 TEDxFCU ticket card, peripheral products and design drawings using environmentally friendly packaging.

Dreams can come true if you're willing to start.

If it's possible, find a partner who can work hard together during college, complete various tasks together, grow together, and work hard for the same goal. I am very grateful to the partners in the 2022 TEDxFCU design team for helping me complete all the design works. They let me understand that nothing is impossible in the world, as long as you are willing to take action, everything will come true.


Photo with 2022 TEDxFCU design team members (right).

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